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Quality Management

Sustainability of water resources is our everyday responsibility

qualityQuality of our products and work is crucial to our success and is a measure of customers satisfaction. To ensure consistent high quality of products and services Khaanzaa has developed Quality Management System and policies based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.
The Quality Objectives of the Khaanzaas’ projects are:

  • To ensure that project strives to meet the Khaanzaa’s objective of achieving superior quality and world class services
  • To satisfy the quality needs of key Stakeholders
  • To have no critical or high severity incidents as a result project implementations
  • To have minimal low severity incidents as a result of project implementations
  • To exceed the Customer quality expectations and as a result to improve customer satisfaction
  • To deliver the Project which meets agreed Customer and KHAANZAA’S requirements
  • To deliver the Project in line with agreed cost plans
  • To deliver the Project in line with schedule commitments
  • To minimize any rework to approved deliverable